Easily accessible and feasible solutions for all end users.

We are the leading distributor in non-lethal defence solutions. As riots are currently on the rise, we offer an alternative and affordable solutions to governments worldwide. The highly effective alternatives that we offer to lethal force saves lives.

In today’s world which is increasingly fast moving and unpredictable, our customers come to us with big ambitions: to make their projects a feasible reality. With an alternative to lethal solutions we provide a product that is easily accessible and feasible for all end users. Combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures in our team, we are able to provide and deliver extraordinary solutions. Solutions that make tomorrow’s possibility a reality today.

Our goal is to provide security forces on a global scale with an effective alternative to neutralising conflict situations while still preserving human life.

We provide customised solutions in order to minimising our customers’ investments in assets and maximising their operational readiness. Together we work to exceed customers’ expectations.

We take pride in our ethos of direct contact with end users to ensure prompt support through instant communication, low lead times and competitive pricing.